Your Home Sale depends on value

Your Home Sale depends on value

When homeowners start renovating for a sale…

the backyard shouldn’t be neglected.

Although buyers may spend most of their time inside the home, ignoring the backyard means you’re missing out on opportunity by leaving it off your to-do list.

Remember, investing in your backyard can increase the amount of money you recoup from other renovations you’ve done inside the home. Likewise, forgetting the backyard space can limit the value of renovations on your interior.

Backyard structures can be an especially good investment since they’re extremely durable, You can make investments months or years before your sale and enjoy them all the while.

Here are some backyard features Selah will build for you to add distinction & character, reliably increase your home’s value and help you stand out in the market:
1) Swimming pools & spas
2) Outdoor kitchens, a fire pit or fireplace
3) Seating walls, retaining wall, stone & wood fencing

And of course it always helps if you “break them in" a little, by enjoying them for yourself…

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