Go from Dreaming to Doing

Selah’s Promise to You:

We will respect Your Time
We will listen to Your desires
We will design Your Dream as often as it takes, until You’re satisfied

At Selah we are a custom builder.
You can trust that professional design, engineering, and decades of construction experience will be put to work for Your dream build.

Quality swimming pool construction is among the many things that separates us from the average swimming pool builder. We offer Warranties and Guarantees on behalf of our sub-contractors that many builders just can’t offer, because our build standards are known and trusted.

From common in ground pool sizes to big swimming pools and dream pools, we will deliver the best pool designs. Book a Visit with us and we’ll show You why you can trust Your Dreams to our builders.

Because we all know that many times there is a “high price to low cost", let us come to You and show You the right way to build for enduring beauty and without the surprises from many low-cost builders.

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Build Your Dream